Teen Beginner Level, Age 15+

Students who arrive in our country from other cultural backgrounds often have very limited skills in English. They need materials at a beginner’s language level that present topics and ideas at a teenager’s interest level. All links presented here suit the web author’s current practice with newly arrived immigrant students.

Themes and Courses

5. Favourites 15+

Background In a multicultural class, it is important to see how we think alike across cultures. Songs I Don’t Like It, I Love It The title phrase comes out very clearly My Favorite Things from ...
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Hotel and Restaurant

Background This unit is for Hotel and Restaurant students and staff Hotel Vocabulary Hotel Vocabulary List and a Quiz you can take to check if you know the words HOTEL VOCABULARY 1 HOTEL VOCABULARY 2 ...
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4. Family 15+

Background Some of our students have lost some of their family members. The teacher needs to take this into consideration when tackling this lesson. It is good to know the numbers from 1-40 before studying ...
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7. Describing People 15+

Background Most teenagers are curious about their own and each other's looks, which makes the topic easy to relate to. Talking about oneself and the classmates will hopefully help the class bond. Warm-up What do ...
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1. Nice to meet you, 15+

Background This unit is for Teen Beginners with no or very little knowledge of English. A1.2. activities are for "False Beginners", i.e. students who think they do not know English, but who have learned the ...
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8. Free Time 15+

Background Talking about free time activities may help students find mutual interests and inspire them to look for ways to practise these activities in the nearby society. Starter 'Free time!' Song (2:07) Unusual Hobbies & ...
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Language Practice

This grid lists selected, relevant links to activities and materials for Teen Beginner Level. The categories help you find suitable materials for the specific language skill you wish your students to practise.