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Electing US President, year 5-6

Background These materials have been chosen to suit at least stronger students in year 5-6. Warm-up "I'll Be the President" (3:06) A fun rap about ...
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US Presidential Election, 7-9

Background 2016 presidential candidates Basic details of each candidate's background Where the Candidates Stand on 2016’s Biggest Issues What happens when … and how The ...
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Halloween 1-6

Warm-up It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (2:24) Intro to the well-known cartoon (yr 1-6) Happy Halloween (1:23) Video on YouTube (yr 1-2) HALLOWEEN is ...
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Halloween 7-9

Warm up This Is Halloween Theme song from The Night Before Christmas It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (2:24) Intro to the well-known cartoon Halloween ...
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Teaching Levels

Songs, rhymes, vocabulary, dialogues and short stories for Beginners, year 1-3beginner-new-home
Stories to read and listen to, videos, vocabulary, chants and raps for Elementary level, year 4-6


Theme based materials as well as reading, writing, listening and speaking inspiration for Intermediate level, year 7-9


Lesson materials at a beginner’s language level that present topics and ideas at a teenager’s interest level for Teen Beginners, age 15 and over


The author is currently teaching diverse groups of teenagers and uses this medium to collect materials for the lessons. You may take a peek and use whatever is available in My Classes


There are lesson materials for holidays and yearly celebrations behind the actual date in Teach by Calendar.

In Daily News, you can follow the current news streams from BBC One-minute News and CBSNews. The Local has news from Sweden and CNN Student News is targeted specifically to lower-intermediate level students.‘s latest blog posts appear on the Homepage and the archive is on Teaching Matters
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