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Colonisation of Australia

, Colonisation of Australia,
Posted in History, Intermediate

A theme page about the Colonisation of Australia with lesson plans and materials for intermediate level students (A2.2 -B1), year 8-9 in Sweden
Related themes: Colonisation of North America, English Conquers the World



, Colonisation of Australia,

European discovery of Australia – School A to Z most significant exploration of Australia in the 17th century was by the Dutch. It was around this time the Dutch East India Company was trading with islands that now make up Indonesia.


, Colonisation of Australia,

Our shared history | Sections | Share Our Pride and Torres Strait Islander peoples have inhabited Australia since millennia, and their cultures, laws, ceremonies and connection to the land is strong and enduring.



, Colonisation of Australia,

The First Voyage of James Cook – YouTube (5:07) taken from Botany Bay to an animated journey of Captain James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour. Animation

, Colonisation of Australia,

A Brief History Of Australia – YouTube (5:59) animated history of Australia, from European discovery to modern day Australia. Funny, slap-stick humour, with a little satire thrown in.


, Colonisation of Australia,

Captain James Cook returns to Hawaii for Ship Repairs – YouTube (9:13) all advice, including Lt William Bligh, Capt James Cook made a decision to return to a known harbour to perform repairs to the ships mast.



, Colonisation of Australia,

Aboriginal people and the colony of NSW – Australian History, Colonisation (0:42) people and the colony of NSW is an excerpt from the documentary Rites of Passage the second episode of the two-part series entitled Rogue Nation, produced in 2009.



, Colonisation of Australia,

Dreamtime of the Aborigines Ancient Civilizations Low – YouTube (6:16) video of the Dreamtime of the Aboriginies. Auto-generated subtitles.


, Colonisation of Australia,

Australian Aborigines – YouTube (4:58) brief history of the Aborigines of Australia. I do not own any of the pictures or music used in the making of this video.


The Land Owns Us | Global Oneness Project interconnectedness of every living thing is not just an idea but a way of life. In “The Land Owns Us”, we see this important message come to life.


, Colonisation of Australia,

Australian History 101 – Darah (Australian Aboriginal Hip-Hop) – YouTube (5:01) song is something I wanted to get out for a while now. It is a history of the experiences of my people since colonisation.


, Colonisation of Australia,
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