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This year, will be concentrating on the digitalisation process in our schools (in Sweden). Although English is not one of the subjects whose Syllabus was changed to include specific aspects of digitalisation, the Curriculum* clearly states that preparing our students for their lives in the digitalised society is the responsibility of every teacher. has published a new theme page, Digitalisation, for intermediate (A2-B1) learners with the intention of supplying teachers with the information needed to learn about the four aspects of Digital Citizenship highlighted in the Curriculum:

1) Impact on the society.
2) Understanding digital tools and media.
3) Critical and responsible approach.
4) Problem-solving and implementing ideas in practice.
(my translation)

It is still early days to find materials about Digital Citizenship for younger learners, but I will keep looking and adding relevant links as soon as there are any available.

A new section, Digital Tools was added into already last spring, but it has been growing during the summer and will continue to do so with frequent additions. Besides the lists of tools, there is my first blog about Digital Ideas, Digital School Start, in this section. There will be several more, partly covering the ISTE Conference I attended in June and partly following my own journey when implementing digitalisation in my classes.

(*No English version available yet)

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