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Eating Out, 3-4

restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,
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A theme page about Eating Out with lesson plans and teaching materials for elementary students (A1.2), year 3-4 in Swedish Compulsory School


restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

Mr Bean – The Restaurant – YouTube (8:50) Bean. Not much language but fun to watch. Let the students come up with sentences about what happened



restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

I am a pizza – YouTube song to play with food ingredients. Let students make their own pizza song by Emily Bryan



restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

I Eat With A Fork – Dinnertime Vocabulary and Pattern Practice – YouTube short video to practice eating and dinnertime vocabulary and prepositional phrases











restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

Watch three times, practising both the customer’s and the waitress’ lines.



restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

How to order food in a restaurant in English how to order food in a restaurant in English. In this funny video, a dog with human hands will show you how it’s done.




restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

At a Restaurant | Drinks, Meals , Desserts | English Speaking Practice | ESL | EFL – YouTube this video, you will learn conversations in a restaurant. You will learn what to say to order drinks, a meal and dessert.



restaurant, Eating Out, 3-4,

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