Elementary Level, Year 4-6

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I noticed that the elementary level games had been so well hidden that teachers rarely found them. The link category of Games 4-6 has now received its own slot in the menu and more games have been added to the list at the same time. Games make learning fun! ...
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At Elementary level, Swedish Classes 4-6, students can read short stories by themselves and even write about things that they know well and are interested in. Stories can be watched, read, learned and dramatised. Some classes stop singing and reading fairy tales by year 5. Rhymes can take the form of chants and raps. All links presented in WebEnglish.se are carefully chosen from those the Web Author has used or intends to use in her own practice.

Themes for Elementary level

Language Practice for Elementary level

This grid lists selected, relevant links to activities and materials for Elementary Level. The categories help you find suitable materials for the specific language skill you wish your students to practise.