Fairy Tale, Cinderella


The Story of Cinderella (4:01) A summary of the story with music from Jim Brickman singing ‘As Beautiful As You’
If Cinderella were a guy (3:00) A thought provoking video showing what’s wrong with fairytales. Ends with an ad for a book. Stop before that.


Cinderella vocabulary with pictures Free downloadable from TpT (yr 2-4)
Cinderella visual aids Various free downloadable cards to choose from (yr 4-6)

Lesson Plans

Cinderella and her family A simplified story with activities (yr 3-4)
Elements of a Story An interactive page to teach the elements of a story based on Cinderella (yr 5-6)
Cinderella Past Simple Comprehension Downloadable reading comprehension text (yr 5-7)
Cinderella Worksheet Four downloadable pages to use with the traditional story (yr 5-8)
Revolting Rhymes Cinderella (5:43) by Roald Dahl, modified story with fast, rhyming speech. Worksheet here and discussion questions here (yr 6-8)


Cinderella (19:04) Listen to this slightly different version (yr 6-8)


The Story of Cinderella in Simple Past Highlighting all the simple past verb forms (yr 5-7)
Cinderella e-book Read the story on the screen, best with 1:1 (yr 6-8)
The Hidden One A Native American Legend (yr 7-8)
The Korean Cinderella Similar story from Korea (yr 8)
The Egyptian Cinderella Similar story from Egypt (yr 8)
Yen-Shen, Chinese Cinderella Read this before watching A Chinese Cinderella story below (yr 8)
Cinderella Reader The original story in a 33-page e-book (yr 8)
The Annotated Cinderella Deep study of the story, with explanations linked to the story (yr 8)


Cinderella 1 (4:10) Very simple, slow reading of a book, text visible (yr 2-3)
Cinderella 2 (5:05) Animated with subtitles, read rather slowly and clearly (yr 3-4)
Cinderella 3 (5:19) Animated with subtitles, read naturally but clearly (yr 4-6)
Cinderella 4 Part 1 (3:36) Modernised, acted story with an animated background. The link to Part 2 comes up at the end (yr 4-6)
Swing Shift Cinderella (7:23) A funny, mixed-with-Red-Riding-Hood version of the story (yr 5-8)
A Chinese Cinderella Story (24:04) A culturally different animated version, natural acting voices with slightly Chinese accents (yr 6-8)
Revolting Rhymes Cinderella (5:43) Roald Dahl’s version (yr 6-8)
Disney’s Cinderella (2:40) Official US Trailer (yr 7-8)

Speaking / Writing

Cinderella sequencing sheets Use these free, downloadable pictures to retell the story (yr 4-8)
Use the various Cinderella stories from different cultures to discuss their similarities and differences (yr 8)


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