Fairy Tale, Cinderella

The Story

is about an ill-treated girl who, with the help of her fairy godmother, travels to a ball in a pumpkin coach. She flees the ball at midnight and loses her glass slipper. A prince, who has fallen in love with her, finds her lost slipper and uses it later to find her (simple.wikipedia.org)


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The Story of Cinderella – YouTube  (4:01)https://youtu.be/g0ucno0rUZwThe Story of Cinderella- A summary of the story with music from Jim Brickman singing ‘As Beautiful As You’


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If Cinderella were a guy… – YouTube  (3:00)https://youtu.be/p4OyCNctKXgThis perfectly sums up what’s wrong with fairy tales. Ends with an ad for a book. Stop before that



Lesson Plans


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Interactives . Elements of a Story . Cinderellahttp://www.learner.org/interactives/story/cinderella.htmlAn interactive page to teach the elements of a story based on Cinderella (yr 5-6)








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THE STORY OF CINDERELLAhttp://www.lingolex.com/simplepast/cinder.htmHighlighting all the simple past verb forms (yr 5-7)




Similar story from Korea (yr 8)                       …


The Egyptian Cinderellahttp://www.aldokkan.com/art/cinderella.htmThe Egyptian version of Cinderella where her name is Rhodopis is considered the oldest version of the story,  (yr 8)



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SurLaLune Fairy Tales: The Annotated Cinderellahttp://www.surlalunefairytales.com/cinderella/index.htmlBest of the Web Read the Cinderella Deep study of the story, with explanations linked to the story (yr 8)



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Cinderella – YouTube  (4:10) https://youtu.be/Bnttg0v8jNQCinderella: a storybook simplified for English learners. (yr 2-3)

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Fable: Cinderella read by Lisa DiSimone for Speakaboos – YouTube (5:19) https://youtu.be/Q8giBVshTiQIn this classic fairy tale, Cinderella’s dream comes true when her fairy godmother sends her to the ball. Animated with subtitles, read naturally but clearly (Yr 4-6)







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If Cinderella were a guy… – YouTubehttps://youtu.be/p4OyCNctKXgThis perfectly sums up what’s wrong with fairytales. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Volume 2 (yr 6-8)

Speaking / Writing

Use the various Cinderella stories from different cultures to discuss their similarities and differences (yr 8)

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