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5. Favourites 15+

, 5. Favourites 15+,
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In a multicultural class, it is important to see how we think alike across cultures.






, 5. Favourites 15+,

Use these handouts to learn some vocabulary needed in this unit Food 


, 5. Favourites 15+,

Ask her what she likes. (English Conversation Lesson) – YouTube  (4:16)’s learn how to ask people about what they particularly like as well as how to answer the question. Key Phrase: “What kind of (noun) do you like?”



, 5. Favourites 15+,

EFL/ESL speaking lessons – Talking about likes and dislikes in English“Do you mind playing football?” “No, I don’t mind.”(Although it’s in a negative form, it means that it’s ok for me. I neither love it nor hate it.)


, 5. Favourites 15+,

A1.2. 16 Ways To Say “I LIKE IT” – YouTube (9:34) lesson – 16 different ways to say “I Like It” Warning: Stop when it gets too difficult!



, 5. Favourites 15+, recommends you to use the idea and make your own handout


, 5. Favourites 15+,

Use this handout and let the students ask each other what they like




, 5. Favourites 15+,

Fast speech, script available underneath


, 5. Favourites 15+,

A1.2. DVD Movie Rentals listening comprehension dialogue about movie preferences



Lesson Plans

, 5. Favourites 15+,

Likes- Dislikes is a power point presentation on expressing likes and dislikes with examples and exercises. With verbs like, dislike, hate, love the students are introduced to gerunds.


Focus on Form


, 5. Favourites 15+,

English Grammar For Beginners – Hate/Love/Like – YouTube (1:52) is a free English Grammar lesson for esl students. Examples of using the ing-form



, 5. Favourites 15+,

Instructions to play a speaking game with Do You Like / Does He Lie?

Tossing a coin





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, 5. Favourites 15+,
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