8. Free Time 15+


Talking about free time activities may help students find mutual interests and inspire them to look for ways to practise these activities in the nearby society.


‘Free time!’ Song (2:07)
Unusual Hobbies & Interests (1:33) With words on the screen read out loud


What is your hobby? (2:42) A street interview
10 MOST DANGEROUS HOBBIES IN THE WORLD (2:34) Pictures with text, music backgroound
Learning English Activities And Hobbies (44:17) Six scenes, then some of them again slowly and once again with subtitles. Some vocabulary and focus on form, too.


English Words for Hobbies and Interests Pictionary and activities to practise the words
Hobbies and Recreation Listen to 20 hobby words
Free Time: Sports and Hobbies Pictures with words, music background
What do you like doing in your free time? (2:49) Hobbies with “I like … in my freetime”
ESL Hobbies (1:40) Sentences about hobbies with audio
Hobbies and Interests Worksheets Pictionary and matching exercise to download
8 fun things to do Listen or read. Click on Print for a handout
A1.2. Asking About Hobbies

Lesson Plans

Book of Hobbies An interactive book to work with on IWB or 1:1 (2:1)
Recreation Lesson Read short sentences about leisure time, several worksheets available


Freetime Mime Cut the handout into cards and give one to a student to mime. The others guess the hobby


Learn English Conversation Hobbies (3:28) Dialogue about hobbies
Talking about Hobbies (3:00) Several dialogues about hobbies
Hobbies Listening Comprehension task
Peter’s hobbies A short Listening Comprehension task
Hobbies and Interests (2:26) Try to catch some of the hobbies that these British people have. Listen several times
A Card Game Listen/Read/Learn the dialogue about learning to play a game


It’s fun to skate, Jim has a hobby, Go to a leisure centre Click on Print to get to the handout. Listen, read and study the texts
Piano Player A reading/listening text about the piano


What do You Enjoy Doing? Download the handout and let students ask each other

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