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From ISTE18: BookCreator

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Book Creator - the simple way to create beautiful ebooks - Book Creator app

Book Creator – the simple way to create beautiful ebooks – Book Creator app Creator is a simple tool to create ebooks on iPad, Chromebooks and on the web. Create a book and publish it to Apple’s iBooks Store, or share it online with our built-in ePub reader. You can also share your book as a PDF and print it.

This summer I attended the world’s largest technology conference in education, ISTE, together with 24.000 others. One of the tools that inspired me was BookCreator. It aligns beautifully with personalised learning that I want to promote in Ages ago, when I was teaching in 4th grade, I let the students create a paper book on what they liked most, and last year my teens made a website on their future dreams, which could have been a book. Of course, there are other ways of creating digital books or portfolios, e.g. Google slides, Drawing or Documents, but with BookCreator the result looks professional from the very start. It is available on iPad, Chromebooks and on the web, and the first class with 40 books is free for educators. The Privacy Policy says it is GDPR compliant, “[f]or example, a student’s book is private by default. Only teachers can choose to share a book with a wider audience.” It is easy to use, so it could be your students’ first digital tool, where they could create an About Me Book,  or any of the other 50 is now added in theme My Book About Me and in Digital Tools.

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