Intermediate Level, Year 7-9

At the intermediate level, Swedish year 7-9, most students in Sweden can make themselves understood by writing and speaking in everyday situations. They can also understand clearly spoken language and by the 9th grade they understand teenage level literature from native English speaking countries. Materials until the 9th grade still need to be adapted to ESL/EFL learners. All links presented in are carefully chosen from those the Web Author has used or could well use in her own practice.


Mardi Gras Carnival, 4-9

Background Mardi Gras New Orleans is a Mardi Gras Indian? Where are the best places for families to enjoy the fun? Official Website The History of Mardi Gras | Holidays.net the name Mardi Gras conjures ...
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Valentine’s Day, 7-9

Lesson Plans and Materials for celebrating Valentine's Day for the whole month of February. Related Topics: Love and Romance, 8-9 Warm-up How Hollywood Says "I Love You" - YouTube  (3:53) from various films. TRANSCRIPT: I've ...
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Trump, the President of the US

About This theme page presents lesson plans and materials to learn about the new President of the USA, Donald Trump, following him from the election day into the first weeks of his presidency. Background Full ...
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Love & Romance, 8-9

About This theme page presents lesson plans and materials to learn about Love and Romance in year 8-9 of Swedish Compulsory School Warm-up "Kiss Me" Short Film by Cas Stonehouse, 2014 - YouTube  (3:35) ...
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Language Practice

This grid lists selected, relevant links to activities and materials for Intermediate Level. The categories help you find suitable materials for the specific language skill you wish your students to practise.

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