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My Classes, Age 15+

I am currently working at an upper secondary school South of Stockholm. Most of my students are newly arrived immigrants from various cultures with diverse levels of English, from total beginners to native speakers. Throughout my teaching career I have gradually developed my teaching practice according to the current ideas of Personalised Learning. I find this approach motivating, inspiring and rewarding for all students. This section in is mainly dedicated for my students to access the actual materials we use in class, but others may seek inspiration here, too.

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Background Warm-up Songs Vocabulary Lesson Plans Octopus - DreamreaderDreamreader  Octopus is a dietary staple of various cultures throughout the globe and it’s no wonder. Octopus makes for a healthy meal. 85 grams of octopus have ...
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Reading / Listening Holes, e-book Activities ResourceRoom Teaching Guide EDUCATOR’S GUIDE Vocabulary Boosters Discussion Guide Trivia Quiz Text vs. Film Viewing Holes (2003) full movie ...
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Protests Over North Dakota Pipeline

Assignment: Watch, listen and read about what is happening in North Dakota Indian Territory. Study the vocabulary and write your own concise account of the story. Watch Native Americans Protest North Dakota Oil Pipeline Rewrite: ...
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Restaurant Vocabulary Food Pictionary  Click on the picture to see the glossary Beverages; Food and Nutrition; Beer Basics; What Fruit...? Four Vocabulary Quizzes Menu in English Words that are commonly used in menus Bar Vocabulary Words ...
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