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A New Term Resolution

Posted in Teaching Matters suggests teachers choose a challenging New Term Resolution and try it out for 30 days. How about Ditching That Textbook, and work on ready-made Themes. Or, you could at least Ditch That Homework, especially in Primary School, as homework only reinforces social inequality.

Maybe it’s time to pass that Google Certified Educator Exam, or at least start using Google Classroom (G-mail accounts are enough if your school doesn’t have GSuite for Education).

How about writing your own English-class blog à la Sara Bruun? Or, are you feeling adventurous enough to take your class on a Virtual Field Trip or meet another class somewhere in the world via Mystery Skype – just once, to start with…?

For B1-level students, why not give EFClass a chance to help you organise your lessons digitally? If you still haven’t tried Kahoot! or Quizlet Live as Formative Assessment Tools, you just don’t know what you’ve missed.

Take a new step today towards Digitalisation in your classroom to give your students the chances they deserve to succeed in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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