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New Beta

Posted in Featured Post, Teaching Matters has undergone a major update during the summer. Everything under the surface has changed with the new service provider. This gave us a great opportunity to do a total clean-up of the contents, as well. At the beginning of the summer, we sent out a poll asking your opinions. The results were of great help in the clean-up process.

So far, we have prioritised the most functional features. That is why we call this a Beta-version. I have checked all the 786 separate links and removed 195 of them with the principle of Quality Before Quantity. Many of the remaining links have been readjusted, which you may notice in the different sizes of the thumbnail pictures. In time, I may continue readjusting the rest, but as this only enhances the aesthetics, it’s not a priority. Please, check that your favourites are still there, and if not, let me know.

Currently, I am in the process of checking all the links inside the 133 themes. If you are starting the year with a theme that still has broken links in it, please let me know, so I can let that one jump the queue. After that, I will attack the innumerous links in the English Speaking Countries. This is the hardest, as I even need to redo the layout, which didn’t convert in the process. My experience is that most teachers take on this theme in the spring, so when you are planning your syllabus for the year, please take this into account. I cannot promise them ready any time soon.

Leaving the best to last, I am happy to announce that the Digital Tools page is the one growing fastest, as all schools in Sweden are in the process of a “Great Digitalisation” to comply with the new additions to the Curriculum. This is also where my priorities lie this year, as I am continuing to digitalise my own students’ learning experience, in order to prepare them for their life outside of school. I’m trying to take small steps so that our visitors won’t feel overwhelmed, but the sooner you jump onto the train, the easier it will be to stay on and travel far.

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