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Planning for Spring Term/Semester

Posted in Teaching Matters hopes to make every teacher’s life easier by presenting term plan examples and templates to use together with your students and/or colleagues to plan an enjoyable spring term. suggests your plan be filled with themes, books, films and whatever else the class might come up with. Just follow these seven steps:

1. Choose your class level and download the list of themes:

Spring topics 3
Spring topics 4
Spring topics 5
Spring topics 6
Spring topics 7
Spring topics 8
Spring topics 9

2. Let your students choose which themes they would like to study in English.

3. Plan when the themes will be studied and mark them on a Term Plan

Download Term Plan Templates:
The templates are adaptable for all levels

term-plan-a-example-4-6-spring  per week
term-plan-a-example-5-8-spring  per week

4. Check the Calendar and choose which annual celebrations you wish to acknowledge in class

5. Plan time for a project on English Speaking Countries

6. Plan time for reading real books

7. Plan time for formative and summative assessments

8. Leave leeway for sudden changes due to world news.

Suggestion: Show an empty plan to your students and fill in together or show an example plan and let them choose the themes, films, test dates, calendar topics etc.

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