December 1st – Remember to open the first slot on Advent Calendar! There are short video clips (1-5 min) for every school day (Mon-Fri) until Dec 22nd. For yr 3-8 there is a longer film/program on Saturdays, in case students wish to watch them on the weekend.

Choose the Calendar that suits your students best:

Beginner level, yr 1-2 (A1.1.)
Elementary level, yr 3-4 (A1.2.)
Lower-intermediate level, yr 5-6 (A2.1.)
Intermediate level, yr 7-8 (A2.2.)
Upper intermediate level, yr 9, En5 (B1)


  • Martina

    Such lovely calendars! One thing though, for year 9, number 2 and 3 doesn’t open. All the other ones work just fine.
    Thank you!


      Thank you, Martina for your response. The reason why yr9+ weekend slots don’t open is that they are empty. I believe that the calendars are mostly used in the classroom and so I added longer films on Saturdays and a picture of candles for the 3 Advent Sundays only for yr 3-8 for those students who want to have something on the weekend. Yr 1-2 I thought are too young and yr 9+ too old to have any such interest. Tell me if I am wrong. /Outi