Intermediate Level, Year 7-9

At the intermediate level, Swedish year 7-9, most students in Sweden can make themselves understood by writing and speaking in everyday situations. They can also understand clearly spoken language and by the 9th grade they understand teenage level literature from native English speaking countries. Materials until the 9th grade still need to be adapted to ESL/EFL learners. All links presented in are carefully chosen from those the Web Author has used or could well use in her own practice.


Shakespeare’s Life, 8-9

Warm-up Introduction to Shakespeare - YouTube (2:00) introduction to Shakespeare. Pictures and phrases introducing main topics around a Shakespeare Theme Shakespeare Lives in 2016 – anniversary trailer - YouTube (2:36) Introducing the year of celebration, 400 years after ...
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Thanksgiving 7-9

Related Theme Pages: Thanksgiving 3-7, Colonisation of North America 8-9, and Native Americans, 7-9 Background For the sake of the traditional holiday, the links on this page are mainly aligned with the traditional story of ...
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Fairy Tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Background Dwarfs vs. dwarves Both spellings are used in this theme depending on the link. Please explain this to your students, or show only the one. Warm-up Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (0:54) Movie ...
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End of the Year, 4-9

Related page: Future Plans, year 9 Songs So Long Farewell lyrics Sound of Music Live - YouTube Long Farewell lyrics [Children:] There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall And the ...
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Language Practice

This grid lists selected, relevant links to activities and materials for Intermediate Level. The categories help you find suitable materials for the specific language skill you wish your students to practise.