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Levels - what do we mean?

During the first years of English studies, Young Beginner level, the lesson periods in Sweden are short, 20-30 minutes once or twice a week, getting gradually longer. Some teachers just choose to take “English moments” at first when time allows. According to the Swedish Curriculum, these periods/moments should consist of songs/rhymes, vocabulary and dialogues/stories. presents these both within themes and as individual language practice links. Reading English words is not expected during the first year, but by the second year students can read and write simple words and phrases moving on to very short texts by year three. Beginner level corresponds to CEFR level A1.1.

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At the Intermediate level, Swedish year 7-9, most students in Sweden can make themselves understood by writing and speaking in everyday situations. They can also understand clearly spoken language and by the 9th grade they understand teenage level literature from native English speaking countries. Materials until the 9th grade still need to be adapted to ESL/EFL learners. All links presented in are carefully chosen from those the Web Author has used or could well use in her own practice. Intermediate level corresponds to CEFR levels A2.2. (yr 7-8) to B1.1 (yr 9)

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At Elementary level, Swedish Classes 4-6, students can read short stories by themselves and even write about things that they know well and are interested in. Stories can be watched, read, learned and dramatised. Some classes stop singing and reading fairy tales by year 5. Rhymes can take the form of chants and raps. All links presented in are carefully chosen by the Web Author with experience of each level. Elementary level corresponds to CEFR levels A1.2. (yr 4-5) to A2.1. (yr 6)
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Students who arrive in our country from other cultural backgrounds often have very limited skills in English. They need materials at a beginner’s language level that present topics and ideas at a teenager’s interest level. All links presented here suit the web author’s current practice with newly arrived immigrant students. Teen Beginner level corresponds to CEFR levels A1 – A2
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