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Columbus Day

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What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day and why should it replace Columbus Day? This article raises awareness of the point of view of the indigenous peoples, whose lives, traditions and fortunes were crossed by the White Man.


Christopher Columbus Cartoon for School!  Funny pictures with the Columbus Day song in the background (yr 5-6)
Christopher Columbus Song with lyrics (yr 5-7)
Columbus vs Captain Kirk  A rap with lyrics (yr 5-7)
The Story of Christopher Columbus Very Funny  (4:59) What do Americans on Hollywood Boulevard know about Columbus? (yr 7-9)


Columbus Story Star Main facts worksheet. Can be used for assessment, review, note-taking or as a story planner. ( (yr 5-6)

Lesson Plan

English Lesson Plan on Columbus Day A Listening/Reading Comprehension with activities for a whole lesson (yr 8-9)


ESL Listening – Columbus (3:07) Listening Comprehension about the voyage (yr 8-9)
Exploring the World Christopher Columbus and the New World (14:16) Listening Comprehension, the true – false quiz starts after 12 min. Use before learning about Columbus! (yr 8-9)


Christopher Columbus Biography Short paragraphs in easy language (  (yr 6-8)
Columbus Day Lesson Short paragraphs with pictures (  (yr 6-8)
Columbus: 3 things you think he did that he didn’t A text setting the myths straight (yr 8-9)


Mel-O-Toons: Christopher Columbus  (5:29) A cartoon with story and songs (yr 5-6)
Animated Hero Classics Christopher Columbus  (27:21) Cartoon film (yr 5-6)
1492 Columbus sighting land (3:51) A film clip of the crucial moment (yr 5-9)
Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened (5:38) Animated story of Columbus (yr 6-7)
Did Columbus Discover America? (2:08) A video presenting the earlier discoveries (yr 6-8)
History of the Holidays: Columbus Day (4:27) Narrated with pictures, maps and film clips (yr 8-9)
The Real Story of Columbus  (3:33) A narrative story with video (yr 8-9)
Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened (5:38) An informative video of Columbus’s voyage (yr 8-9)
Christopher Columbus’ Arrival 500 Nations (9:53) A balanced documentary with the Natives’ point of view as well as Columbus’s (yr 8-9)
Why do we celebrate Columbus Day? (6:16) How and why do Americans celebrate Columbus Day (yr 8-9)
Leif Eriksson vs. Christopher Columbus  (3 min) About the Viking explorer who beat Christopher Columbus by nearly 400 years (yr 8-9)
Crash Course: World History #21 (10:37) Funny account of several explorers with new information. Fast speech with subtitles (yr 9 )
History vs. Christopher Columbus (5:54) A funny animated court case against Columbus (yr 8-9) How the Media Would Have Covered Columbus’s Discovery of the New World
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS  (1:19:48) Full cartoon movie, no subtitles (yr 8-9)


How the Media Would Have Covered Columbus’s Discovery of the New World Write a newspaper article about Columbus (or somebody else) finding a New World

More Materials

Santa Maria Game Click on the Game to the right, IWB or 1:1
Quiz Check what you have learned about Columbus (yr 8-9)

Final Words

In 2016, Columbus Day was celebrated while the Rock Sioux Tribe was once again struggling against the intruder to their land. Learn more about it here:
Protests Over North Dakota Pipeline

, Columbus Day,
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.The Real Story of ColumbusThe Real Story of Columbus

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