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School Start 1-6

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5 Challenges to Your Best School Year Ever Read this before your first lesson to make the whole year a success


Welcome Back to School! – Animated Digital Card Funny starter welcoming you back to school (yr 1-4) Kid Snippets: “Back to School” Adults act to child voices. Funny if the students know the body parts (yr 3-5) Back to School – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (PARODY) A song to start the term with (yr 4-6)

Songs and Rhymes

School song (yr 1-2) This Is The Way We Go To School (yr 2-4) School Poem A short poem to learn by heart (yr 2-4) Children’s Song- Back to School (yr 3-5) The Rules of the Classroom (yr 4-6)

School Vocabulary

Classroom objects (yr 1-2) School flashcards (yr 2-3) CLASSROOM INSTRUCTIONS AND RULES (yr 2-3) Learn School Vocabulary! (yr 2-4)

Getting to know

What’s your name? A song to learn the phrase (yr 1-2) Name Line A game where children say their names and a favourite thing. For class 1 the name is enough (yr 1-4) You, Me, Left, Right is a game to learn each other’s names. If the students do not know their lefts and rights, play Name Line (yr 3-4) Getting to Know You A game to learn each other’s names and more. You need something to toss around; e.g. a ball. Play High-5 if you have nothing to toss (yr 5-6) Find someone in our class Have the students walk around talking English and then discuss each question: “Who found somebody who…?” You may want to take the idea and compile your own questions (yr 5-6) About Me Board Game to play with dice

Self-Esteem Activities

All About Me is a 12-page material you can plan the first weeks with from (yr 2-3) This is Me 3-4 A worksheet to fill in and talk about. I am Special – SONG This clip is only for the teacher to learn how to teach the song. I am Special BOOK A copiable booklet for the students to write and draw in (yr 3-4) 3 Question Activities to Connect with Students; for pairs, groups and whole-class discussions (yr 5-6) This is Me 5-6 A worksheet to fill in and talk about (yr 5-6) I Am Special (3:02) Spoken Word with Grover from Sesame Street (yr 5-6) I Am Me A poem. If the pictures are too childish, you could learn it just with the sound (yr 5-6) I am an expert Invite students to show their expertise (yr 5-6)

Learning to Learn 5-6

You Can Learn Anything A 1.5-min pep-talk for your students to start believing in themselves. Why do I study English A questionnaire for students to reflect and have a discussion on. Learning to Learn Let the students first fill in their preferences. Have them move in the classroom between two points; Willie and Wilma, according to their preferences as the teacher reads aloud one pair of characteristics at a time. English Syllabus Discuss the goals with this simple and concrete picture.


(New Students) Write a story about yourself and how do you like to study English. What do you want the teacher to know? Title: My Story.

More Materials

Make the First Days of School Extra Special 8 fun ideas to start a new term QUOTES COLORING PAGES Inspiring citations for the the students to choose, coulour, discuss, write about and hang on the wall. Thank you for the tip, #mellanstadiebloggen Please tweet your feedback about working with this theme page to the author. All criticism is good criticism when it is meant to make better. School Start 1-6  %Post Title - %Site Name This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.