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It’s Time for Mardi Gras

This year Mardi Gras is celebrated on Tuesday, Feb 28th in New Orleans. You could have your students find out why a French celebration is so popular in an American city. The day is also ...
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Make February the Loveliest Month has updated enough materials for you to celebrate Valentine's Day all through the month of February. You could start by reading a chapter about Friends, continue with a whole theme of Love & Romance and ...
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A Holocaust Reminder

Friday, January 27th was the Holocaust Remembrance Day.  By apparently pure coincidence the new president of the USA chose the same date to announce his ban on all Muslims originating from seven Islamic countries (where ...
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The USA Now

Background The New President of the United States has promised to change the country. will be collecting proof of this happening on this page. Lesson Plans <Womens' March A Reading / Listening lesson plan from ...
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New and Updated Themes

Holocaust – Let Us Never Forget

Related Themes: Tolerance, The USA Now Background Holocaust worksheet - Free ESL projectable worksheets made by teachers presentation helps to ...
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My Book About Me, 1-3

Related page: School Start 1-6 Background My Book about me - YouTube by DrSeuss. You can use this to get ...
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Circus Clowns and Carnivals, 1-6

Related pages: Mardi Gras Carnival (year 4-9) Background February is widely known as the Month of Carnivals, as there are ...
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Feelings, 1-4

Warm-up I Got You - I Feel Good - Cartoon - YouTube Brown I Feel Good I Got You Cartoon ...
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