This unit is for Hotel and Restaurant students and staff

Hotel Vocabulary

Hotel Vocabulary List and a Quiz you can take to check if you know the words



HOTEL VOCABULARY 3 Test and practise your vocabulary

Hotel Dialogues

At The Hotel – reception desk 1 (4:03) Checking in at a hotel, with subtitles and repetitions

Checking into a hotel 2 (2:40) Checking in at a hotel, with subtitles

AT THE HOTEL- reception desk 2 (2:34) Checking in at a hotel, no subtitles

At a hotel (3:50) Model dialogues on checking in and checking out of a hotel, with subtitles

Conversations At A Hotel (3:15) Several model dialogues that may occur at a hotel

Complaints at the hotel room (0:49) Customer complains about the shower

Problems at a hotel (2:34) A receptionist talking on the phone, taking complaints

Taking a Reservation Example sentences, a dialogue and a quiz

Check in and Check out Example sentences, a dialogue and a quiz

On the Phone

Calling to Get a Reservation Listen to six (6) versions of the same conversation with the scripts visible.

Hotel Reservations Listen to the dialogue.

How to make hotel reservations (19:39) A complete, natural dialogue with the script. The dialogue is followed by explanations / teaching of the dialogue.

Hotel Dialogues A phone reservation followed by checking in and checking out. Example dialogues to read.

Listen to your Hotel Customer

Script: Hotel Phrases




Going Out

Checking Out

Restaurant Vocabulary

Food Pictionary  Click on the picture to see the glossary
Beverages; Food and Nutrition; Beer Basics; What Fruit…? Four Vocabulary Quizzes
Menu in English Words that are commonly used in menus
Bar Vocabulary Words that are commonly used when mixing drinks
Back of House English Vocabulary Vocabulary for co-operating with the kitchen staff
Sentences in English Useful sentences for the guest and the waiter
English expressions for waiters, waitresses, and restaurant staff
Food and Beverage Vocabulary Study the words and take a Vocabulary Quiz
Food & Beverage A long list of vocabulary exercises for restaurant workers
The Waiter’s Glossary Of Terms A list of words with definitions

Restaurant Dialogues

What Will You Have? (4:42) Animation with words on the screen and very slow speech
At the Restaurant – Interactive Practice Two dialogues to read, listen to and practise
Restaurant Conversation (1:55) A short dialogue with subtitles
At The Restaurant (6:08) Example dialogues with subtitles and repetitions
At a Fine Dining Restaurant (4:30) Dialogues and vocabulary
Complaints and requests at the restaurant (1:07) Short episode about ordering a steak
Restaurant expressions English expressions that waiters, waitresses, and restaurant staff use
Serving at Table Quiz
Politeness training In the middle of the list there are 5 exercises for restaurant and bar staff
Complaining at a Restaurant (4:27) Watch, listen and repeat to learn how to react to complaints
Understanding Your Guests Quiz

Listen to Your Restaurant Customer

Script: Restaurant Phrases
At Breakfast

Arriving at the Restaurant

Ordering the Meal

Discussing the Meal

Paying the Bill


Hotel Receptionist (8:43) What does a receptionist do at a hotel?
Bad Service in a Restaurant (3:18) Discuss what’s wrong and how you could help
Problems at a restaurant (4:47) Discuss what’s wrong and how you could help
Front Desk First Impressions (6:45) Can you spot all the mistakes?
Handling complaints (3:16) Discuss what’s wrong and how you could help
A room with a view – Fawlty Towers – BBC (2:52) Discuss what’s wrong and how you could help
Mr.bean in Room 426 (24:34) Just for fun!
Mr Bean – The Restaurant (8:50) Just for fun!

More Materials

HOW TO BE POLITE IN ENGLISH Learn how to avoid being rude with this great guide!
6 Restaurant Staff Positions and Which English Skills You’ll Need for Them Tips for studying for work at a restaurant
HOST  TRAINING  MANUAL A 36-page compendium about working as a host/ess.


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