Beginner Level, Year 1-3

During the first years of English studies, the lesson periods in Sweden are short, 20-30 minutes once or twice a week, getting gradually longer. Some teachers just choose to take “English moments” at first when time allows. According to the Swedish Curriculum, these periods/moments should consist of songs/rhymes, vocabulary and dialogues/stories. presents these both within themes and as individual language practice links. Reading English words is not expected during the first year, but by the second year students can read and write simple words and phrases moving on to very short texts by year three.


Winter Wonderland, 1-9

Warm-up Relaxing Snow - Sit back and relax with a snowy scene and relaxing music and watch the snowfall and listen to some Christmas Music Lily & the Snowman - YouTube  (2:21) winter, a magical ...
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My Book About Me, 1-3

Related page: School Start 1-6 Background My Book about me - YouTube by DrSeuss. You can use this to get ideas for the students' own books Warm-up Demi Lovato - This Is Me (Official Video) ...
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Circus Clowns and Carnivals, 1-6

Related pages: Mardi Gras Carnival (year 4-9) Background February is widely known as the Month of Carnivals, as there are the Mardi Gras, the Rio de Janeiro, the Venetian and the Spanish Carnivals, all in ...
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Feelings, 1-4

Warm-up I Got You - I Feel Good - Cartoon - YouTube Brown I Feel Good I Got You Cartoon A favourite of former 4th-graders. Lyrics here Songs Tell Me How You Feel - YouTube ...
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Language Practice

This grid lists selected, relevant links to activities and materials for Beginner Level. The categories help you find suitable materials for the specific language ability you wish your students to practise.

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