WebEnglish.se has updated the Planning Page and Teach by Calendar for the new term. On the first lesson, you could be making some New Year’s Resolutions with ideas from the Calendar. Then it’s time to listen to some Inspirational talks for those who need them (any school kid over the age of 12). More inspiration and motivation can be found on WebEnglish.se Pinterest page. 

Some dates to focus on in January are Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  Burn’s Night and Australia Day.

Finally, it is time to discuss what else the spring term’s lessons will be about. You will find step-by-step instructions on the Planning Page, whether you are prepared to let your students be part of the planning process or not.

Should you be starting with a new class, there are various getting-to-know activities for Year 1-6 and Year 7-9.

WebEnglish.se wishes your 2018 to be the Best Year Ever!